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Thoughts to the Elite

Give from the Heart!

Once upon a time two men went for a short stroll around the city. They saw a poor looking priest begging. Arjun felt pity at him and he gave him a bag full of 100 gold coins. The priest became very happy and thanked Arjun. He left for his home. On way, he saw another person who needed help. The priest could have spared a coin or two however, he chose to ignore it. But on way to his home, a thief robbed him of his bag.

Next day again when Arjun saw the same priest begging and he was surprised. He called the priest and asked him the reason for this. The priest told him about the whole incident and Arjun again felt pity at him. So, this time he gave him a diamond.

And he again saw someone who needed help but he chose to ignore again. Upon reaching home, he safely put the diamond in an empty pot of water with a plan to cash it out later and live a wealthy life. In between, his wife came home and picked up that empty pot of water, walked towards the river...

Shree Krishna gave the priest one coin which was not even enough for buying a lunch or dinner for one person. Arjun asked Shree Krishna, “Lord, I gave him gold coins and diamond, which could have given him a wealthy life, yet it didn’t help him. How will just one coin help this poor guy?” Shree Krishna smiled and told Arjun to follow that priest and find out.

On the way, the priest was thinking that one coin, he can’t even buy a lunch for one person. He saw a fisherman who was getting a fish out of his net. The priest felt pity at fish..... The fish was struggling in a small pot of water, the priest carried ended up throwing out a diamond from the mouth! The priest screamed with a joy. At that same point, The thief who had robbed the priest’s saw him and He apologized to the priest and returned his bag full of 100 gold coins.

Moral: When you have enough to help others, don’t let that chance go. Your good deeds will always be repaid to you.

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