S.H.A’s mission  is to be life line achievers to help develop enhance and encourage building character of the children we serve by promoting education, developing leadership in their community by giving them a sense of understanding and compassion for others and to courage them to act on the beliefs of honesty. SHA will provide this lifeline to children who suffer from basic economical & educational needs within our community and abroad. Our goal is to maintain and develop hope to those who are less fortunate. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to society without fear of aggressive behavior. Aggressive behavior such as bullying which include actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.   





 Vision Statement

SHA will maintain developmental growth with unlimited educational and social potential for the children abroad that suffer from basic economical needs and unwanted aggressive behavior.


Objective self-imposed:  We will not provide any service unless we do it more efficiently and effectively that anyone else. Our first priority will always be our children. 



We believe that.....

everyone has a responsibility to make a contribution to society; all adults are responsible for the well-being of children anywhere and everywhere.  Giving and receiving love is essential to the well being of every individual. Education is essential to continuing democracy open and honest; communication builds trust and understanding.



Action Steps: 

SHA will deploy educational and economic resources to children who suffer the lack of economical needs here and abroad. 

1. We will create and deliver programs and services that meet and exceed the expectations of those we serve. 

2. We will establish and implement standards of excellence for the establishments we serve. 

3. We will develop and implement effective advocacy as a catalyst for positive change in lack educational tools our children abroad receive. 


Dear Lord, we ask to stay close to you Father, and that in seeking your righteousness we will be able to hear your instructions clearly as to what you desire us to do. If we do that, we know we shall never lack of the things needed to do your work.