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Thoughts to the Elite

"If we want to be women of impact, we need to live with our eyes wide open to God-opportunities. We need to get beyond our own agendas and move in the direction of HIS agenda. It is not about doing more of what you are already doing – it is about LISTENING to the whispers of Jesus in the middle of the grocery store, or at the nail salon, or in your cubicle, in the next pew, in your living room, or classroom."

How many of us listen to that voice? The one that tells you to do something and have not idea where it came from or why and is obedient to that voice

This picture was taken in Haiti with the kids from the orphanage. The woman sitting next to me my friend Edith. When we talk about listening to that voice.

Prior to arriving to the orphanage we went to deliver donated items to another orphan family. When we got ready to leave she said STOP we need to call Jesus. I looked at her like she had 2 heads. I said really now. We prayed before leaving that morning. So we sat in the car and literally called JESUS' name 33 times. And drove off... I just shook my head.

20 min into our ride there was a manifestation ( the hostile public display of emotions, or protest ) we found ourselves in the middle of it. In a pick up truck with the rest of the donated items which we were going to deliver to the orphanage. AS you can see from the happy kids faces we made it safely. Had Edith not listened? Could things have been different?

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