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Serving Hearts Abroad (SHA) has taken a responsibility to help victims, bullies and bystanders eliminate the bullying problem one individual at a time. Awareness for anti-bulliyng is a cause focused on for the month of October only.  The problem does not start and stop in October. SHA's support is continuous, every day, all year. 


With our coordination with parents, educators, law enforcement, community leaders, churches and mental health professionals, our goal is to implement a bullying hotline where children can text 24 hours a day, giving a heads up of bullying, fights, threats and suicide all from the comfort of their handy smart phone.  Children will have the ability to text their concerns discreetly and quietly.


SHA's volunteer program with service hour credits to high schoolers will teach prevention and educate about anti-bullying to younger students.  This program will require the involvement of educators like you and after school programs.  


Please contact us if you are interested in becoming part a solution that will benefit students and teachers by providing training in Bullying Prevention and Response.  Adults must understand the nature of bullying, its effects and how to prevent bullying, which includes effective policies and rules. Zero tolerance policy is simply not working.  Also you will learn the skills to stop bullying on the spot, follow up routinely with youth involved in bullying and if warranted, with their parents.


We are the solution

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